NOW open studio

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

NOW open studio is accepting applications for the NOW ARTIST RESIDENCY for the 2018 Early Summer two week program. Start date for the residency being on or around JUNE 25, 2018. (We will work with Artist on best arrival times.) See for more info.

NOW Artist Residency

Deadline for Application: NOV. 30, 2017

Notification of Selection: DEC. 11th – 15st, 2017

Residency commences: On or around JUNE 25, 2018
Artists are invited to submit complete applications for the NOW ARTIST RESIDENCY program. Applications will be reviewed on a competitive basis. One artists will be selected as the recipient for 2018 Early Summer Award. Residency consists of the following:

  • Individuals stay as guests (no lodging cost) in the NOW Open Studio private garden room for a two week residency.

  • Artist receives a self guided two week session in Creative Stimulation to redirect their creative thought patterns.

  • Individuals are given peace and privacy to work on their creative health.

NOW Artist Residency is open for application by serious emerging or established artist, including recent BFA/MFA graduates. International (non-U.S. resident) artists will be responsible for securing their own travel authorization, Visa documents, etc. NOW cannot secure authorization, but will provide basic documentation explaining the nature of the residency. The ideal candidate for the residency program may be working in any media or genera.

The resident artist(s) will be selected by a committee comprised of the NOW Team, and regional academic/professional advisors from the art community.

Primary criteria for selection will include:

  • Quality, consistency, and vision of work submitted.
  • Motivation and potential for achievement of goals during program.
  • The degree to which the individual will benefit from the program.

Goals for the NOW Artist Residency include:

  • Provide an ideal space for creative inspiration.
  • Greatly increase the likelihood of future success for the artist.
  • Offer the opportunity to develop networking opportunites for the artist.
  • Create a supportive environment
  • Place the artist in a vital arts community in Portland, OR with a location ideal for meeting and learning from other artists and arts organizations in the city.

Basic conditions for the program:*

The Artist in Residence must remain in good standing, fully using the space and resources provided, for the full duration. Accepting the award constitutes a commitment to the full two week program. NOW believes a two week immersion in the process of NOW plus the culture and energy of Portland, OR is required in order for the program to make its intended positive impact.

NOW open studio reserves the right to document the space and works made during the residency, and to use images in program and organizational promotional material, including websites and publications.

At the conclusion of the residency, the artist must return the space to the same condition in which it was awarded to them (or better).

The NOW ARTIST RESIDENCY program currently involves no cash award or payment to the artist.

NOW open studio will not conduct the sale of the artist’s work unless it is included in a NOW Exhibition project. The artist may sell their own work (and only their work), from the residency space on their own terms.

* Submission of application indicates agreement to the terms spelled out in this prospectus. A more detailed formal agreement, further clarifying the terms, will be provided upon establishment of the award recipient.

Questions can be submitted to NOW open studio through our contact page.

(artist responsible for all transportation expenses and meals)

In General:                                                                                                 

Eligibility: Any adult visual artist can submit an application. Artists should bear in mind the criteria listed above when submitting.

Media/Genre: Open to artists working in any traditional and non-traditional genre and media.

Submission Fee: Each application must be accompanied by a $28 non-refundable submission fee. 

How many works should I submit?:
For applications we request 15 images of sample work be sent for consideration.

Images and Info: In an effort to conserve resources NOW open studio accepts only digital images and documents for consideration. See specifications below. NOW will retain the submitted images of the successful applicants and reserves the right to use the images in publications and program publicity. 

Digital Format: Digital images in JPEG format only and documents in PDF format only should be submitted. 

The images must meet the following specifications:

File names (for images AND other documents) = artist’s last name (underscore) first name, followed by the image number as noted on the application form (i.e.Jones_Mike_1.jpg).

Detail, installation, or alternate view images must include the word ‘detail’ in the filename (i.e.Jones_Mike_1detail_1.jpg).

The image files should be in HIGH QUALITY JPEG format, images should be no smaller than 1000 pixels in width and 72dpi.

Images must be oriented properly (i.e. top of image is top of artwork) and should not include text info or borders that are not part of the actual work.

(Video may be in the form of DVD or;  please send separately and indicate with separate document -Videos sent via...) see for more info.

Entry Checklist: (for your reference)

  • Fee paid 
  • Digital images formatted as directed
  • Artist’s Statement, Vitae, Image list, 3 references; all in PDF format